Cal Mossèn’s Coca bread, better alone or accompanied?

Cal Mossèn’s Coca bread is a perfect base to accompany the main dishes of traditional Catalan cuisine. From a escalivada or a botifarra with “seques”, to a table of ham or cheese or even with beef or tuna. And with more innovative creations? Well, too! The limit is in the chef’s imagination.

Likewise, Coca de Cal Mossèn is also perfect for making a simpler dish: a good toast with tomato, with good olive oil and a pinch of salt. Which option do you prefer?

Why is Cal Mossèn’s coca bread not sold in bakeries?

Cal Mossèn’s coca bread always seeks excellence and that is why the cocas are made daily in the workshop by hand and on request, with natural ingredients and a maximum of fifty units.

These conditions allow us to move away from overexploitation, maintaining an exhaustive quality control to preserve the properties of fresh bread. Because coca is made naturally, it is a product with live microorganisms and, therefore, it is very difficult to achieve a regularity without using additives or preservation processes.

Bread as a tool to maintain culinary traditions

Bread has been the food of humanity since time immemorial, a philosophy that combines pleasure and knowledge. The process of making bread cultivates a sense of taste and gives dignity not only to food, but to natural products. As the Coca de Cal Mossèn claims, the development of traditional and quality bread promotes the safeguarding of the food heritage and the culinary traditions linked to the territory.