Coca de Cal Mossèn preserves the essence of the past

At Cal Mossèn our daily task is to preserve the essence of the past and enhance its virtues. Taking advantage of the experience of our parents and the knowledge they have given us, we try to contribute our effort, to offer a quality artisanal bread.

This can be achieved by loving and spoiling our coca bread. Through constant work, acquired experience and a process of research and incessant technical innovation. A mixture of tradition and contemporaneity and a bit of culinary poetry that should be managed in the right way.

Where will you find Cal Mossèn’s Coca Bread?

Unlike other cocas or breads, Cal Mossèn’s Coca Bread is not sold in bakeries or small establishments, but we have oriented our production towards restoration. We offer an exclusive, comprehensive service with all the guarantees of high quality.

As ambassadors of the Coca de Mossèn Cinto, we look for excellence and our product is made every day in the workshop, on demand, by hand, with natural ingredients and in very small batches, of no more than fifty units.