29 de October del 2018

A long journey from Osona’s heart

At Cal Mossèn we are committed to the process of revaluing traditional coca bread and, at the same time, proud to see how Coca de Cal Mossèn has come a long way from the heart of Osona. Its quality is highly appreciated by chefs from all ...

18 de October del 2018

How difficult it is to get this loaf!

The loaf of bread is not achieved only by making the cut, but is the result of the process of preparation and cooking, and depends on the precise moment in which the bread is placed in the oven and if it contains sourdough. The loaf of Coc...

24 de September del 2018

Gastronomic experience in the Molí de la Calvària

Last Monday, Molí de la Calvària hosted a unique gastronomic experience, together with different producers and distributors of gourmet products. A group of professionals from the world of gastronomy and catering participated in the day, w...

25 de July del 2018

The force of water

The architecture of your dream is fragile and eternal, ductile and with character, with memory and elusive. As much as that which nourishes it, veins of water that come from afar and make their way. Visit the new website of Cal Mossèn 1847...

20 de July del 2018

Open doors to Cal Mossèn for the Festa del Batre

This Sunday, July 22nd, Calldetenes celebrates the ninth Festa del Batre, in which Cal Mossèn will participate by opening the doors of the workshop. With the aim of recovering the batter of wheat and local heritage, the municipality organi...

19 de July del 2018

9th edition of the Festa del Batre of Calldetenes

Cal Mossèn participates in the ninth edition of the Festa del Batre de Calldetenes to recover the tradition of wheat shake and local heritage. One more year, the municipality of the Osona region hosts this Sunday, July 22nd, in the Molí d...

5 de July del 2018

The requirement that makes us unique

Cal Mossèn's Coca bread can only be obtained if we set the bar very high. It is the only way to satisfy the most exclusive palates that value our coca. That is why we want to control all the steps: from buying the flour, prepared exclusive...

27 de June del 2018

Wheat, when the earth speaks to you

You are submerged within an ocean. A golden sea that extends as far as the eye can see. The spikes move like waves. Wheat is the salt of life. Do you already know the new website of Cal Mossèn 1847?...

21 de June del 2018

Coca de Cal Mossèn, example of the culinary trend

Bread is the food of humanity for millions of years and is an excellent product that can be tested new ways of doing and culinary trends, such as the current slow food or zero-kilometer food. It is a philosophy that cultivates the sense of ...

14 de June del 2018

The Mill of Cal Mossèn

The Mill is the center of the world. After going around and observing, feeling and smelling, you think and experience... and return home to the mill....