Folgueroles coca originated some years ago in the family bakery of the village of Folgueroles, on the plain of Osona,  the point of access to the Valley of Sau-Collsacabra.

From the very beginning, it was a much appreciated delicacy for the local people. Gradually, visitors from outside extolled the virtues of this locally-produced “country loaf”, which adopted the name of the most famous son of Folgueroles: the pastor and romantic poet, Jacinto Verdaguer.

The recipe for Folgueroles coca has been passed on from father to son. As often happens with many traditions, other products have appeared which have wanted to reproduce this original creation.

In Cal Mossèn, we consider ourselves to be the trustees of this fortunate discovery. To the point that perfecting  that ancient recipe has become a real personal challenge. The Coca of  Mossèn Cinto is the genuine coca bread of Folgueroles,  as it was first originally made.  A reward for hard work and effort, since we continue to make it by hand, as before, with natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Flavour, texture, aroma… the Folgueroles Coca we offer you today is faithful to the essence to that old “country loaf”, but raised to the highest level of quality, to become a great gastronomic  experience. It is, as we like to say, remembering Verdaguer, breadmade poetry.