Although popularly known as Coca of Mossèn Cinto, in reality it is a different kind of table bread to any you have tried before. By its dimensions, the way it is made and, above all, by its unmistakable flavor.

How it is made is no secret – made by hand  and with 100% natural raw materials. The complete process takes more than eight hours of slow fermentation, just as our fathers taught us.

Our self-imposed standards demand that we check every step. From  buying  the flour, prepared exclusively by us, to delivering the orders to the kitchens of our customers.

But it is true that there is a little secret: the Folgueroles coca bread is based on an ancient dough-making technique known as “el ventat” (“airing”).

This ancient method of stretching the dough was painstaking and stopped being used.

But stretching the cocas by hand also makes a difference. In this way, we avoid the disappearance of  the air bubbles of the second fermentation (the characteristic “eyes” of the doughy part of the loaf) , thus conserving the distinctive texture of our coca.

Only by following these steps,  patiently respecting the rest and fermentation times , as has always been done in our family, do we obtain the genuine Coca of Mossèn Cinto.