Folgueroles coca originated some years ago in the family bakery of the village of Folgueroles, on the plain of Osona, the point of access to the Valley of Sau-Collsacabra.

La Coca


You’ve travelled the world and you’ve observed. You’ve touched and observed. You’ve reflected and experienced. Now return home, to the mill, and show me what you have learnt.

el Pa


"I'm not going to speak to you about bread, but about my passion. Passion for learning, growing, moving forward, for exploring, within and without, for asking questions. I always listen and am open to criticisms, which help us to be better.

Finding out motivates me. Beauty, harmony, individuality character and good conversation motivate me. My life has been driven in part by these questions: "What would happen if?.....""Has anyone ever done it?" "Shall we try and see what happens?"

I don't want to speak about bread, generically. To speak about bread, I can refer you to great professionals who have written great books and treaties of recipes, techniques, varieties of bread, the history of bread, etc. I can only talk of us and my motivations (I nearly always speak in the plural because, although the visible head is me, I alone am nothing)."