The excellence to answer the toughest palates

The diners of the restaurants are turning tougher regarding the quality of the dishes and with every ingredient. They are restless, they are trained in gastronomy and have their own criteria to clearly know what they want.

To satisfy these palates, Cal Mossèn’s coca bred is always excellent and we make it arrive at the restaurants in optimal conditions, so that it is served without breaking the traceability nor the chain of the cold.

Which is the secret of the coca bread of Cal Mossèn?

Cal Mossèn’s coca bread is different from other kind of breads: for its dimensions, elaboration and, specially, for its unique taste.

It is handmade cooked and with 100% natural ingredients, using a process of more than eight hours of slow fermentation. Besides, the flour used to make Cal Mossèn’s coca bread is prepared solely for this purpose.

But the biggest secret is that the coca comes from an old grazing technique known as ventat, consisting of stretching the paste by hand. This method fell into disuse because it was so hard to do, although it is how the bubbles of the second fermentation are prevented from disappearing.

Patience and respect for the times of rest and fermentation are the other elements that allow to obtain the genuine Cal Mossèn’s coca bread.