Open doors to Cal Mossèn for the Festa del Batre

This Sunday, July 22nd, Calldetenes celebrates the ninth Festa del Batre, in which Cal Mossèn will participate by opening the doors of the workshop. With the aim of recovering the batter of wheat and local heritage, the municipality organizes workshops and activities related to this traditional field task.

Clients and friends of Cal Mossèn are invited to see the demonstrations and try the traditional tasks of harvest, in a participatory day, from the hand of experienced farmers.


9th edition of the Festa del Batre of Calldetenes

Cal Mossèn participates in the ninth edition of the Festa del Batre de Calldetenes to recover the tradition of wheat shake and local heritage. One more year, the municipality of the Osona region hosts this Sunday, July 22nd, in the Molí de la Calvaria, different workshops and activities related to the process of traditional wheat whipping.

MVI_1032PClients and friends of Cal Mossèn are invited to see the demonstrations and try the traditional collection tasks, in a participatory day, with the help of experienced farmers.

The work will begin at 9 o’clock in the morning on the paved esplanade of the old mill of Calvaria, undoing the wheat that is obtained from the harvest. The whipping, which will be done with horses and mules, will follow the four phases proper to the beating before the appearance of the machinery: stop the batter, beat, make the haystack and winnow.


In the afternoon, thanks to the strength of the water, the grain obtained will be ground and transformed into optimum flour for the preparation of food, such as bread. On this occasion, Cal Mossèn participates opening the worktop’s doors. The Festa del Batre has the collaboration of different entities of the town and is organized by the City Council of Calldetenes and the Ecomuseu del Blat.


The requirement that makes us unique

Cal Mossèn’s Coca bread can only be obtained if we set the bar very high. It is the only way to satisfy the most exclusive palates that value our coca. That is why we want to control all the steps: from buying the flour, prepared exclusively for us, to delivering the orders to the kitchens of our customers.