22 de March del 2018

Patience and rest give Cal Mossèn’s Coca Bread its unique flavor

The authentic traditional technique and the fact of stretching all the cokes by hand make Cal Mossèn's Coca Bread a genuine product. Its unique flavor and unmistakable texture are given by the patience at the time of making the bread and ...

14 de March del 2018

The rhythm of the mill changes: what is yours?

Discover the different rhythms of the mill in our Instagram! Follow us to see different content. Sure you like them!...

8 de March del 2018

The gourmet experience of Cal Mossèn’s Coca Bread

At Cal Mossèn we consider essential to revalue traditional coca bread and, therefore, we are proud to see how Mossèn Cinto's Coca Bread has done a long way from the heart of Osona. Its quality is highly appreciated by chefs from all over...

24 de January del 2018

A different table bread for dimensions, preparation and flavor

Mossèn Cinto's Coca bread is a table bread, but different from all the rest. Why? Especially, by dimensions, elaboration and, above all, by its unmistakable flavor. It is made by hand and with 100% natural raw materials, with a traditional...

24 de January del 2018

Cal Mossèn’s Coca bread to the world

Over the years, the coca bread, always present in Catalan cuisine, has gone from being an accompaniment to having its own entity. Even so, from Cal Mossèn we want to get away from industrial, precooked or frozen products. Under our commitm...

27 de December del 2017

The distinctive personality of Cal Mossèn’s Coca bread

A crunchy crust, a crumb of spongy texture and a flavor between sweet and salty, as before. This is Cal Mossèn's Coca bread. It can be combined with an infinity of dishes and flavors, even with the most daring ones, but it is the best bas...

21 de December del 2017

Cal Mossèn’s Coca bread: perseverance, experience and innovation

Our daily task at Cal Mossèn is to preserve the essence of the past and enhance its virtues. The experience and knowledge that have been transmitted from generation to generation in the family result in a quality artisan bread, which also ...

18 de December del 2017

Bread, a staple food throughout history

Bread has been the food of humanity since time immemorial. Cal Mossèn's Coca bread is a genuine expression of the bakery tradition of the family, as well as patient and artisan work. The current society and its frenetic pace often corner ...

15 de December del 2017

Cal Mossèn, at Food Experience by Cirera&Cabani

Cirera&Cabani is committed to a different catering proposal for social and business events to be a banquet to remember. As it could not be otherwise, they have Cal Mossèn's Coca Bread to offer their clients the best accompaniments for ...

30 de November del 2017

Where can we find Cal Mossèn’s Coca bread?

Cal Mossèn's Coca bread cannot be found in bakeries or in small establishments, since we have oriented our production exclusively to the restoration. We seek excellence and all the guarantees of a high quality product, therefore, the coc...