this year we have sold everything...

Enjoying together the first coca since 25 years ago

We at Cal Mossèn would first like to thank you. We appreciate the trust placed on us and our work. It would be impossible to describe our feelings for the broad welcome we have experienced since the start of this project, 24 years ago. It is for us a source of great pride.

We have always enjoyed and boasted of our close relationship with our present and future customers, and we therefore believe it to be appropriate to explain the present situation of the Cal Mossèn team.

We are presently in a bittersweet position. Since one year ago we cannot face a higher volume of orders nor serve new customers. This has been the result of the fact that our existing customers have opened new points of sales or that they have increased their initial orders of coca.

We have reached the decision of not accepting more customers nor orders because we would like to continue serving our cocas in the quality conditions we require for ourselves. We do believe that, among other reasons, these conditions have been the key to our success. We intend to keep growing, that is a fact, but always in line with the way we have been doing it until now. It is just a temporary situation that we hope will be solved in a few months.

In case you are already a customer of Cal Mossèn, we hope you understand that if you require more cocas than the ones ordered in the last years, we are afraid we will not be able to meet your demands. In case you are a potential customer, we regret not being able to supply you with our coca Mossèn Cinto. If you are still interested in receiving information about our coca, we shall be glad to provide you with all the needed information for a future relationship. + info

Having said this, this statement will be released in all our online channels: Facebook, Instagram and our website, to show our transparency and seriousness, and hoping you understand our decision. We are already involved in the task of reorganising our small business and we hope we will soon be able to offer cocas Mossèn Cinto to everyone interested in our high standards.

Thank you very much for your interest and for the trust placed in this family of handmade bakers.

Best regards,

Cal Mossèn